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Career Counselling Process

In this episode we will understand the career counselling processes followed by Growth Centre to solve you career queries. Parent’s expectations, current trends, media influence lack of awareness of other options, peer influence, new and off beat courses, interest and percentage are the some influencers while making a career choice be it after 10th, 12th, graduation or post graduation. To get out of these influencers, we at Growth centre follow scientifically designed and developed processes. Throughout the years we have seen the far reaching benefits for the students and parents. First we take students and parents intake followed by psychometric assessment and one to one counselling session with the parents and student which helps in facilitating your decision making process. In the intake session the counselor takes the personal, educational details and tries to understand the parents and students concerns expectations when students come for aptitude testing. The child is made comfortable and explained the day’s process. Aptitude test is very colloquial used word. At Growth Centre it is called as psychometric assessment and it includes three main tests – Intelligence, Aptitude and Personality tests which is of 4-5 hours followed by counselling session. The sessions includes in depth discussion of scores followed by career recommendations and discussion on various courses. The outcome of the career counselling session includes the students and parents being equip with future and back up options, procedure and clarity to take on the careers. We ensure the in case in future one needs our services or further insights we are there to handhold to you and take you through the rest of the career.