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Online Counselling

You’re not alone… We Listen…

The advantages of online counselling services certainly begin with the following High Fives:

  • It is ideal for people who lead extremely busy lives or for whom travelling is a constraint.
  • It is beneficial for people residing in villages or small towns, where very few counselling centres are available.
  • It saves time without compromising quality.
  • One gets continuity of sessions at their convenience, as it is easier to keep appointments and therefore, keep the flow going
  • It is helpful for people who are shy or uncomfortable to physically approach the counselor.
How do I fix an appointment for counselling?

You will be promptly reverted by an email containing the details of the registration process for online counselling session(s).

What kind of online services are available online?

You can seek online services for career counselling and counselling related to personal issues. You can even avail sessions on separate modules for personal development. Please understand, these online services cannot be considered as an emergency helpline for suicide.

Can telephone counselling be taken anytime?

Our experienced counsellors attend to in-house counselling as well. As a process, the availability of online counsellors depends on the counselling sessions, scheduled at a mutually decided time. Therefore, anytime telephone counselling will not be available. To experience this service online, you need to take prior appointment with the counsellor.

What if I am unable to attend a scheduled session?

We request you to kindly intimate us via email at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.

Is online counselling a substitute for traditional face-to-face counselling?

Along the journey of online counselling, it might be possible when the counsellor recommends face-to-face meeting. F2F counselling can be arranged when both of them express interest mutually.

With a vision to meet these demands of new age, we have the follwoing new services namely:

TELE ALLY: Telephonic counselling

WEB BUDDY: Web-based counselling

Telephonic Counselling Let your worries end and your happiness begin. It’s convenient and anonymous; all counselling is conducted over the phone. Now, using the telephone, you can discuss any academic, personal, career or professional issues with our experts. So just send us your query and fix an appointment with one of our counsellors now.
Web-based Counselling You can now receive face-to-face counselling services from our trained and experienced counsellors in the comforts of your home. Our web-based services aim to provide the same effectual counselling sessions and interactive sessions, through the simple medium of internet. You can get your career queries and personal issues resolved online.

Online Counselling – Career Exhibition – Career Seminar

Online Counselling - Career Exhibition - Career Seminar