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Myths & Facts

Make Positive Choices – Myths & Facts

Myth: Counselling is only for people who are “MAD”.

Fact: Even ‘normal’ people have problems in their day-to-day life.

Myth: A counsellor will solve all problems.

Fact: Counsellor helps you think through your problems, provides insights, & help you to figure out how best to solve your problems for yourself.

Myth: I’ll take advice from my family & friends!

Fact: Counsellor provides feedback objectively to you that your family or friends may not be comfortable to provide.

Myth: I should choose a career which is the “BEST” & “In Demand”.

Fact: Just because a career has a very good job outlook, it doesn’t mean that occupation is right for you.

Myth: Counsellor will decide for me what career to choose.

Fact: Counsellor can provide you with guidance in choosing a career & can help facilitate your decision.

Myth: Counsellors are working in every institute & banks also…

Fact: Counsellors of Growth Centre are by Qualification & not by Designation. We do ‘Counselling’ and not Con-selling.

Myth: Counsellors will give the career option I want!

Fact: Counsellors will give the career option in which your chances of succeeding are high

Myth: If my friend, uncle or neighbour is happy in a particular field, I will be too!

Fact: Everyone is different & what works for one, may not work for another, even if you have a lot in common.

Myth: Once I select a course, things will fall into place after that.

Fact: Choosing a particular course is only the beginning, it gives a road map, and there are many other factors to consider too, that takes you to reaching your career goals.

Myth: Since my son scores very well in studies, he is very intelligent.

Fact: Academic performance is not necessarily the right reflection of the potential.

Myths & Facts

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