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Shilpa Mehta

Good and understandable in very easy language best of luck

Saumitra Parab

As this was the first experience of mine i enjoy being a part of such an interesting event.i feel really glad of being a part of it.It has given a different way of thinking for my futhur career.

Nupur Rajesh

very useful..helped me know my strengths and weaknesses and gave me a clarity of career options available for my interests


Career Still Undecided??

Career Still Undecided??

Career Still Undecided – How to Make a Career Choice – How to Choose a Career Adviser in Mumbai – I don’t know what I like” “I am confused about what…

Mastering the GRE: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

Mastering the GRE: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

Explore a comprehensive guide for strategies and techniques essential for mastering the GRE and attaining success. Achieving a competitive GRE score is paramount to securing admission to esteemed graduate schools.