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Professional Insight on Changing Career

Geeta Castelino, a multifaceted lady who wears multiple hats – from a Textile Designer to a Teacher; from a Fashion Consultant to CSR Consultant; from CEO at various educational institutes to being the founder member of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. A successful person – both at personal and professional levels, Geeta Castelino has inspired many to face the challenges offered by life ‘head on’ and taste the real flavour of success.

Expert Talk on Changing Career

In this episode Suchitra Surve tries to identify how she has managed to take on such multiple roles. Apart from having a sound educational background, she focuses on two things – knowing one’s aptitude and finding what you love to do. According to her, Focus, Time management, Patience, Perseverance and Passion are the key essentials to become successful in life. She also gives insights on how to make a decision in case of many offers – be aware and explore opportunities, experiment, take risks and then make an informed decision.