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Pilot Career Counselling & Guidance in Mumbai

Many ask how to become a pilot and very few have the right answer. With the right Pilot Career Counselling, you can achieve your career goal. Ms. Suchitra Surve is talking about how to become a Pilot. As a Pilot the main job role is to fly the aircraft along with that they are also responsible for the safety of the passengers.

Importance for Pilot Career Counselling

What does it take for a candidate to be a successful pilot? Do you have what it takes to chase after your dream? A pilot is in touch with the ATC and keeps the crew and passengers informed about the weather, travel time and various other required updates. To become a pilot one needs to have the required education qualifications and various other physical and mental qualities. They also need problem-solving and decision-making skills and also prepared for long working hours. There are various employment avenues for the Pilot like Airline industry, Business Aviation, Private charter Planes, Cargo Flights and Training in Flying Schools. If you are fit, passionate and committed this is the right field.