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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the test?
Ans : There are timed as well as untimed tests. It takes around1-5 hours including breaks in-between. However, the timings may differ according to age, qualification and speed of the individuals.
Since I am busy, can I split the testing in two/three different days?
Ans : Yes, you can, with prior appointments.
Are parents required for testing and counseling? Can one parent accompany the child?
Ans : Parents need not sit for the testing session; however they are required for counseling session with the child, especially students from Std IX to Std XII. We prefer both the parents coming together for the session. Under certain circumstances, either of the parents can be present. Individuals above 18yrs can take the session with or without their parents.
What is the duration of the test?
Ans : There are timed as well as untimed tests. It takes around1-5 hours including breaks in-between. However, the timings may differ according to age, qualification and speed of the individuals.
My child has already undergone Aptitude testing; can he/she take your test or only counseling?
Ans : Ideally, there should be 6 months gap between administration of two similar psychometric assessments [popularly known as Aptitude Testing]. You can either visit our office with the previous report or email us the same. If you have undergone an assessment in the past 6 months, then we can provide only a Counseling Session. However, it would be at the discretion of our team of psychologists and counselors, whether to administer a different battery of tests or have a discussion based on the report.
Do you guide for selecting a suitable college?
Ans : We can give you guidelines for selecting relevant colleges however, the final decision lies with parents /students.
Can I get session with the counselor of my choice?
Ans : Our team is constantly engaged with various activities indoors and outdoors, getting a session with the counselor of your choice may be difficult. We could try to arrange but cannot assure the same. Besides, each of our team members are qualified and well equipped to handle any case
Can we give these tests online?

Ans : Yes, you can take the test online.

Can a Gujarati/ Marathi/Hindi medium student appear for psychometric assessment? Do you have tests in regional languages?
Ans : Yes, students from every medium of instruction can undergo an assessment, since most tests are in pictorial formats. Test instructions can be given in Hindi/ Marathi if required.
When is the ideal time to give the Aptitude test?
Ans : After completion of 6 months in Std. IX (All boards) an individual is eligible to undergo vocational guidance tests. However for selecting subjects for ICSE/IGCSE/IB boards, one can undergo assessment after Std. VIII. After completing thirteen and half years of age.
Any kind of preparation required?
Ans : No. these tests are not based on any syllabus/ subjects. So no preparation is necessary. Only a relaxed and a fresh state of mind is required.
Does a student need to carry his academic certificates?
Ans : No, a student need not carry any kind of certificates during testing. The only thing needed to be carried is a pen (blue/black) and lunch box.
Can you check whether the child has marked answers seriously or abruptly?
Ans : Yes, we can make out if the child has attempted the test seriously or not as the observation by the counselors starts right from the time of testing.
Will your test result help my child decide the right career option?
Ans : Yes. These tests measure the child’s inborn aptitude, personality as well as intelligence. So they give you an objective picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, provided your child has taken the tests seriously & sincerely. Following which, you and your child will be in a better position to figure out what the areas are that need to be explored/ avoided.
What if my child has taken the Testing from a different Centre/Counselor but still want to re-confirm the results?
Ans : Psychometric Assessments are tools for narrowing down the career choices. If the gap is anywhere less than 6 months between two testing sessions the ‘practice effect’ comes into play. Thus no two Test Reports would show similar or almost similar results [provided the same battery of tests is administered properly]. This may add on to the confusion rather than clarifying it.
Why is the test so long?
Ans : The tests that we administer do not assess only one aspect; but it is focussed to delve deeper into academic potentials of a child, and hence take a longer duration to complete. The longer the duration of the test, the better are the chances of identifying the consistencies in the potential.
Will the counsellor suggest courses based on my interest?
Ans : Sometimes the student is clouded by the glamour or popular myths related to a particular which not be the true facts and is determined to pursue or give up on a career. In cases, where the student has made up his/her mind towards pursuing a career and the test results points at another option, the result may be that the student seems disappointed with recommendation made. The counselling is based more on the potential of the student and not just based on interest. The aim is to suggest careers that can optimise the chances of being successful in completing a course and thereby a career.
Will the counsellor inform about all the new courses or options that I am not aware of?
Ans : The courses recommended are offered by recognised institutes and Universities only, hence there are chances of the student being suggested course that they are aware of. Parents and students need to understand that the focus of the session is to highlight the potential and match them with available academic options.