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Time Management

The Importance of Time

“We wanted to do something special and valuable this Children’s Day for our society kids. We feel that the students today desperately need help with managing time. The Time Management Workshop by Growth Centre turned out to be the ideal choice for them. Parents and even kids came up and thanked us for arranging these sessions. The kids said that it was a very interesting session with activities involved.” – Delighted Society Chairman, Mumbai

‘Race against time’ is the everyday mantra we begin with. Keeping up with this mantra can sometimes become extremely challenging. The wheel of time is constantly running, thus today it has become vital to learn the skill of balancing its speed and control in our lives.

To get a smooth and healthy life, time management plays a vital role for everyone.

  • If Life is like a game and time is money, everybody is a rich participant at the beginning of the day. And success lies in the strategic planning for smart utilization of this money by individual participants.
  • But it is not as difficult as it sounds. Everyone is playing this game every day. It’s just in revisiting the game plan and making a few changes in the patterns that could help in ensuring personal victory.
  • There are so many occasions that one can think of, when a certain task is put off ‘to be done later’ as it might take too long. But then it turns out that it gets done sooner than you expected! Or incidents when stress builds up as a result of not being able to complete a certain task that was not ‘supposed take too long’.
  • From the very first day of your school life, you experience time management in the form of time-table provided by the school. Subjects were taught by school teachers in a set time period. This shall continue even in your job. You have a set of working hours that you need to manage and deliver results to the company. Time management skills will help you in achieving targets more efficiently.

workshops unveil little tricks of managing time to avoid such occasions. The benefits of our workshops can be used by anyone who finds it difficult to deal with the demands of time. The interesting style, in which these workshops are charted out, helps you in understanding the time management techniques for daily application. And, thus lead a hassle free life within the constraint of YOUR TIME.

Time Management – Workshop Sessions about Time Management for Students

Time Management - Workshop Sessions about Time Management for Students