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SAT Coaching Classes

Scholastic Aptitude Test

SAT Coaching Classes – Scholastic Aptitude Test, commonly called as SAT-I, is required to be taken by students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in USA and Canada. It provides a standardized way for colleges to review eligibility of all applicants and is usually given in eleventh or first half of twelfth grade. Different schools have different SAT score requirements. A higher score means better chances of getting admission into a particular university. The SAT is administered by College Board and is conducted on selected dates at selected centres. SAT Coaching Classes from our institution have helped students score a high percentile.Register for SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai where mentors teach the entire syllabus preparing students thoroughly.

Importance of SAT Coaching Classes

Test format

The SAT tests reading, writing & language and math skills that one has learned in school. Knowledge and skills in these subjects are important for success not just in college but also throughout life.

The Reading section comprises multiple choice questions based on passages.   This section lasts for 65 minutes and has 52 questions. This test measures a variety of reading skills: Command of Evidence, Words in Context and Analysis in History/Social Studies & in Science

The Writing and Language test is 35 minutes long and has 44 multiple choice questions. The questions test a range of skills: Command of Evidence, Words in Context, Analysis in History/Social Studies and in Science, Expression of Ideas and Standard English Conventions.

Both the Reading and Writing & Language tests are part of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. In both the tests, some passages are paired with other passages. Informational graphics, such as tables, graphs, and charts, accompany some passages.

The Mathematics section has both multiple choice and grid in questions.  Grid–in questions are ones where the student has to derive the answers. This lasts 80 minutes and has 58 questions. The test will focus in depth on the following three areas of math: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving & Data Analysis and Passport to Advanced Math. It also tests additional topics including geometry and trigonometry.

The entire test lasts for 180 mins and the total score ranges from 400 to 1600. The test includes 2 section scores:

1] Evidence Based Reading and Writing (where the results of the Reading and Writing & Language tests are combined)  and
2] Math

Test Format Of SAT

  • Each of the 2 section scores will be reported on a 200 to 800 scale.
  • There is no negative marking.
  • The Essay is optional and will last for 50 mins. Students will be asked to read a passage and write an analysis of what they have read.
  • The Essay is scored separately (on a 2 to 8 scale) and does not get added to the total SAT score.
Test fees and registration

The SAT fee (without Essay) is $ 92 and with Essay is $103.50. Test fees can change at the discretion of the testing institution. The registration can be done either online or by mail and requires a valid passport. Scores can be sent to 4 universities free of cost at the time of registration. To send additional scores the fee is $11.25per institute. SAT scores are valid for 5 years.  The test is administered 6 times a year in India – October, November, December, January, May and June and can be attempted more than once.

SAT Coaching Classes Fees and registration

The basic Subject Test Fee (per Registration) is $24.50+$40(non US regional fee). You will need to add $ 24 for Language test with Listening and $ 13 for all other Subject Tests. Payment can be made online by credit card or by cheque or draft. Test and registration fees are non refundable. 4 score reports are included free with every registration. The registration can be done either by mail (paper registration) or online and a valid passport is needed for the same.

Official Website

Contact us for best SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

SAT Coaching Classes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SAT Coaching Classes:

1. What is the SAT, and why should I consider coaching classes for it?

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. Coaching classes can help you prepare effectively by offering guidance, study materials, practice tests, and strategies to improve your SAT scores, which can enhance your college application.

2. Who can benefit from SAT coaching classes?

SAT coaching classes are beneficial for high school students, especially juniors and seniors, who are planning to apply to colleges or universities in the United States. They are also suitable for international students aiming to study in the U.S.

3. What services do SAT coaching classes offer?

SAT coaching classes typically offer comprehensive preparation, including classroom or online instruction, study materials, practice tests, personalized feedback, and expert guidance on test-taking strategies and time management.

4. How do I choose the right SAT coaching institute?

To choose the right coaching institute, consider factors such as the institute’s track record of success, expertise of instructors, study materials provided, class schedules, and the institute’s reputation among previous students.

5. What is the ideal duration for SAT coaching programs?

The duration of SAT coaching programs can vary, with some offering short-term crash courses and others providing long-term, comprehensive programs. The ideal duration depends on your current level of preparation and the intensity of coaching you require.

6. Can online SAT coaching classes be as effective as in-person classes?

Online SAT coaching classes can be highly effective when they offer interactive sessions, live discussions, and access to study materials. The effectiveness depends on your personal learning style and discipline to follow the online curriculum.

7. How can SAT coaching classes help improve time management during the exam?

SAT coaching classes provide strategies and techniques to improve time management during the exam. They teach you how to allocate time to different sections, prioritize questions, and maintain a steady pace to complete the test within the allotted time.

8. Do coaching classes offer practice tests and study materials?

Yes, SAT coaching classes typically provide practice tests that simulate the actual SAT conditions. They also offer study materials, including textbooks, question banks, and other resources to help you prepare comprehensively.

9. Can I expect personalized guidance in SAT coaching classes?

Many coaching institutes offer personalized guidance, including one-on-one sessions with instructors to address your specific strengths and weaknesses. They may also provide feedback on your performance in practice tests.

10. What are the benefits of joining SAT coaching classes over self-study?

SAT coaching classes offer structured preparation, expert guidance, access to peer support, and a competitive learning environment that can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of achieving a high SAT score.

11. Is it possible to balance SAT coaching classes with other high school commitments?

Yes, many SAT coaching classes offer flexible schedules, including weekend and evening batches, to accommodate students with other commitments. It’s essential to choose a coaching program that suits your availability.

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