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How to Choose the Right Career

In this episode, Suchitra Surve has focused on the parameters that should be considered while selecting a right career. The first thought that we get is that should we plan a career or go with the flow. But often, not planning leads to confusion & regret and in order to avoid, it is better that we plan. The growing options in terms of careers and courses lead to a confusion, and many find themselves following their friends. Parents are also relaxed with the idea of company that their child will get.

Points to consider while selecting the Right Career

To add to it, there are certain myths attached with careers and there is uncertainty, competition, limited seats, hence it is essential to follow the steps. First know yourself, which subject the student finds easy and follows naturally, know the job profiles that follow the study and the area of interest as well. It is important to Research well before joining a course, know the demands of the course, the duration, the level of studies will have to be undertaken and evaluate self objectively and then decide. Gather the information well, find the alternative routes, and explore other options as well. Identify the exact path to reach your ultimate goal.

Find the exit points of the course in terms of integrated course or a course which is of a longer duration, in case you find yourself in a situation that you cannot cope up with the course]. Make an informed decision and find the applicability of the course that you have undertaken. Take the risk and innovate yourself by creating your niche and need. Align your skills, potential, interest, with your ultimate goal in order to become successful.