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Misconception About Career Counselling

career counsillingDebunking Common Misconceptions About Career Counselling

In this episode Ms. Mugdha Shetye and Ms. Chandani Kapoor clear many career counselling myths. They bust common career counselling myths through their video. It includes the discussion of the “why”, “what” and “how” of a particular career.

Aptitude testing followed by Counselling and just a discussion-based session on careers are of two types. In the former, the counsellor helps identify the best potential based on the test results.

Your potential is then aligned with the possible career options whereas in the latter, an in-depth discussion on various career options, routes, procedures, nature of job, and duration takes place. It is important to know that in that the counsellor does not decide on the career but merely helps the candidate in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions For Misconception About Career Counselling

What is career counseling, and why is it important?

Career counseling is a process that helps individuals make informed career-related decisions by assessing their interests, skills, values, and goals. It is essential for making well-informed career choices that align with one’s aspirations.

Do I need career counseling if I already have a job?

Yes, career counseling is beneficial for individuals at various stages of their careers, including those who are currently employed. It can help you explore new career opportunities, improve job satisfaction, and plan for future growth.

Is career counseling only for students and recent graduates?

No, career counseling is not limited to students or recent graduates. It is valuable for individuals at any age or career stage who are seeking guidance in making career transitions, advancements, or changes.

Can’t I find career advice online for free?

While there is a wealth of career information available online, career counseling provides personalized guidance and assessments tailored to your unique needs, which often cannot be obtained from generic online resources.

Is career counseling only for people who are unsure about their career path?

No, career counseling can benefit anyone, including those who are uncertain about their career path and those looking to enhance their current career prospects or job satisfaction.

Will a career counselor tell me what career to choose?

A career counselor’s role is not to dictate your career choice but to guide and support you in making informed decisions based on your interests, skills, values, and goals. They help you explore options and provide insights.

Is career counseling expensive?

The cost of career counseling can vary depending on the counselor, location, and services provided. However, many educational institutions and career centers offer affordable or free counseling services.

How long does career counseling take, and is it a one-time session?

The duration of career counseling varies based on individual needs. Some individuals may benefit from a single session, while others may require multiple sessions to explore and plan their careers effectively.

Is career counseling only about finding a job?

Career counseling encompasses more than just finding a job. It includes career planning, development, skill enhancement, and addressing issues like work-life balance and career transitions.

Can I seek career counseling if I’m already established in my career?

Absolutely, career counseling can be valuable for individuals with established careers who want to refine their career goals, explore new opportunities, or navigate workplace challenges.

Will career counseling guarantee career success?

Career counseling provides valuable insights and guidance, but success ultimately depends on your efforts, choices, and commitment to your career goals. It is a supportive resource, not a guarantee.

Can I trust the advice of a career counselor?

Trusting your career counselor is crucial for a productive counseling relationship. Choose a qualified and experienced counselor with positive reviews and a reputation for ethical and effective guidance.

Is career counseling only available in person, or can I access it online?

Career counseling is available both in-person and online. Many counselors offer virtual sessions, making them accessible to individuals regardless of their location.

What should I expect from my first career counseling session?

In your first session, you can expect to discuss your career goals and concerns, and the counselor will gather information about your background and interests to create a personalized plan for your sessions.

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