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Group Discussions

Successful Group Discussion Techniques

“I was under the impression that a well read person need not be worried about going for group discussions. But I was wrong. It’s not just talking about what you think about a topic. It’s so much more. I really appreciate the way this particular topic was taken. The trainer at Growth Centre, Mumbai, could have just given us the topic and then point out the faults. But I must say it was a very good blend of practical and theory. It was a good opportunity to learn not just from the trainer but also from the other team members. I would say all the graduates should go through such a session once before applying for job placements.” – Prospective PG Student

Although Group Discussions, commonly referred to as ‘GD’, is regarded as one of the common headhunting tactics, the nuances and rationale behind GD remains largely unknown.

  • The underlying idea of a group discussion session is to know the aspirants’ level of communication skills, about how well an aspirant can understand and demonstrate his/her thought related to the topic, the judement of the pace and direction of the conversation etc.
  • Given that the aspirant is going to work with teams in future; Group Discussions helps the assessor to judge how the aspirant will fit in the organisation/institution. It helps them to estimate the apparent team behaviour at a macro level in future.
  • It’s a platform showcasing an exchange of ideas where one can contribute ones views on a given topic.

Learning the finest technique of effective display of your opinion will enable you to be one step ahead from the rest. The aspirants’ personal efforts on enhancing general knowledge, along with our workshop guidance become an unbeatable combination to float through GD smartly. Our team ensures not only to make you understand the implicit and explicit rules of GD but also promote practice.