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Career Assessments

Turning Theory into Reality

Vocational Guidance

Career navigation is one of the most crucial tasks that parents tend to take upon themselves while bringing up their children. Having certain assessments taken helps determine the abilities and interests of the child. Many a time, children are steered to a certain career path depending on various reasons thought to be right for the child at a particular time. But anyone will agree that a child taking a vocation that reinforces his/her aptitude and personality is bound to find success sooner than others who don’t.

This argument can be easily established from the various cases we come across these days where people have changed their careers after working for a long time stating they were not ‘cut out for that job’. Or there are other cases when people never tend to be happy in their careers, always longing to do something else, but unable to make the shift, because they do not have sufficient reasons supporting their decision.

That is why psychometric assessments and counselling become ideal for not just students before taking the career paths but also adults before altering their career map.

Psychometric Assessments

The Oxford definition of Psychometrics is “the science of measuring mental capacities and processes.” Therefore Psychometric test for career related assessments include scientific instruments used to attain an estimate of an individual’s intellectual capabilities and essential nature. Paper–Pencil forms of tests are the most preferred method of administering psychometric tests. The tests are administered and scored in a stardardised manner after confirming the reliability and validity of the tests.

The Following tests are administered depending on the age group and requirement of the individual:

Aptitude Tests
Aptitude Tests are the abilty tests which bring out the individual’s mental capabilitite depicted in the individual’s abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, spacial reasoning, mechanical reasoning and numerical abilities.
Intelligence Tests
Intelligence test results show the range in which an individual’s cognitive abilities lie.
Personality Tests
Personality Tests depict various dimensions portraying the characteristic way in which a person behaves.

Certain simple points to remember

  • A good night’s sleep is advised so that you are alert during the tests.
  • Being on time will ensure that you don’t get stressed before appearing the tests.
  • Listen and understand the test instructions to avoid amibuity, wastage of time and avoiding disturbance for others.
  • No preparations and revisions are required for theses tests.
  • There is no pass or fail in these tests.

The test will take about 3-5 hours with appropriate breaks included to ensure maximum performance. This is followed by a career conselling session.

Post Test Counselling

Based on the results obtained from the tests given by the person and the pre-test information intake, our trained and experienced counsellors chalk out a career chart befitting the complied profile of that individual. Accordingly, a Career Action Plan is discussed. This Counselling session is conducted in the presence of the Parents / Guardians of the students, wherein various career options suitng the child are discussed.

A Career Guidance session is also conducted for individuals who have not undergone our Psychometric Assessment] who wish to plan their career path with the help of Counselors.

Career Assessments for Guidance – Psychometric Assessments – Post Test Counselling

Career Assessments for Guidance