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Common Myths About Counselling

In this episode Ms. Mugdha Shetye and Ms. Chandani Kapoor speak about the Facts of Counselling. It is a process; where a Counsellor provides a non- judgmental environment to the client. People of any age who are facing Behavioral, Emotional or Academic related issues can opt for it. A Counsellor helps develop new skills and attitudes and gives insights to work on the issue. The number of sessions required for guidance depends on the client’s efforts and determination; which may take time. Client’s consistency in the sessions is beneficial for them.

Another Counselling Myth

Psychologist/Counsellors do not prescribe medicines. Medicines are given by Psychiatrist depending on the severity of the case. However, Counselling includes therapy, talking and Combined Sessions with clients and parents/immediate family or guardian. It’s recommended to take help from qualified professionals for the issues faced and not just discuss it with friends and families. Counselling helps an individual find different pathway to overcome and prepare for present as well as future problems.