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Career Counselling

Excellent Way to End Career Confusion

You need career counselling if you feel any of the following

  • You want to know the various options available
  • You have an idea for a career change but you want to talk it over
  • You need help to understand the procedures and nuances of various careers
  • You want to know what type of work/profile you are likely to be satisfied with
  • You want help identifying why your career is no longer satisfying
  • You feel it’s time for a career change

It’s time to undergo Career Counselling!

With information available at a click, it becomes essential that you consult someone before plunging into a decision.

Aim of Career Counselling

These Sessions are purely to discuss the various options, routes, procedures, and chalk out a plan of action. It does not answer the question ‘Can I?’ but answers the‘What & How’ of careers. The sessions are generally shorter in duration and do not depend on any assessment. One can ask questions related to boards, entrance exams, certifications, institute information or even to know all the possible alternative routes to a career.