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Study Abroad Counselling

Study Abroad Counselling – A World of Opportunities

Why Study Abroad Counselling? Choosing to study abroad is a big decision that requires a lot of planning, execution and precaution. Studying at an international university can be one of the most exciting and life-changing phases of one’s life. The experience helps shape your future and serves as a launch pad to your chosen career. Choice of university and the field of study will be among the most important choices that you will ever make.

At Global Education Counsel (div of Growth Centre (I) Pvt. Ltd) we understand that each student is different and has unique career goals. Over the years we have helped many students to make their dreams come true, to have an international qualification in various fields. This very experience ensures we understand our student’s potential and work with each of our students individually and offer customized solutions to help them.

In this endeavour of assisting students for studying abroad, counselling plays one of the most inspiring steps towards fulfilling their goal of learning abroad. This is because it can be very confusing for students to understand everything from – the type of courses and universities to the individual admission process, from which country to study in till which area to reside in, from understanding the expenses till budgeting for the same. Our counselling session is a time of understanding the student’s career road map – from his/her background to his future plans and then blending in our expertise and experience to provide the necessary backing before beginning this crucial journey.

Advantage of Study Abroad Counselling

Counselling in short is an enriching process as it is an advisory service aimed at helping you achieve the best in your career. We work with each student as a unique profile and assist them secure admission in a program that matches both their interests and career objectives. The association established at this level promises a fulfilling experience until the student secures the admission in the desired university. Our counselling sessions provide the students with the much needed real time awareness of the abroad education formalities.

By studying abroad, students can have the opportunity to improve their language skills and developing this skill can have a positive impact on their career as well as working abroad. As each country has its own unique style of teaching, studying abroad will help students adapt to different styles which would make them more versatile in their career.

It will also help students build invaluable relationships with people from different parts of the country, broadening connections for future career opportunities. Studying abroad will give them a new perspective and help learn a lot about different cultures, gain experiences, boost confidence and see the world in a new way.

With the career counselling for going and studying abroad will not only make students independent but shape their future career.

  • Professional counsellors of high integrity
  • Genuine information based on objective analysis
  • Right Counsel
  • 1000+ Satisfied Students
  • One Shop Stop for Study abroad needs
Add On Services
  • Assist with guidelines for VISA
  • Guidelines provided about accommodation
  • Guidelines provided about student cards, ticketing and travel insurance
  • Guidelines provided about availing of loan and Forex facilities
  • Guidelines provided about international calling cards
  • Interview Preparation for admission
  • Guidelines provided about Pre-Departure
  • Assistance provided for transcript evaluation
Counselling Process
  • Pre – Counselling Session
  • Mark sheets of previous examination in India/Abroad
  • Identify Universities / Course
  • Help Acquire the required test scores (Entrance Exam Coaching Available- If required)
  • Guiding in Shortlisting the Universities
  • Sharing transcript formats required by the universities
  • Writing/Editing Admission Essays and SOPs
  • Fine tuning Resume/CV
  • Drafting Recommendation Letters
  • Prepare the application packet
  • Send application forms along with required documents
  • Tracking of admission applications
  • I-20 /offer letter

Frequently Asked Questions for Study Abroad Counselling:

1. What is the study abroad Counselling, and why is it important?

Study abroad Counselling is a service that provides guidance and support to individuals who are considering studying in a foreign country. It helps students navigate the complex process of choosing a suitable destination, applying to universities or colleges, and preparing for the experience. It’s essential for making informed decisions and ensuring a successful study abroad journey.

2. Who can benefit from study abroad Counselling services?

Study abroad Counselling services are valuable for high school students, college undergraduates, postgraduates, professionals, and anyone interested in pursuing education or training abroad. They can benefit both first-time and experienced travelers.

3. What does the study abroad Counselling process entail?

The Counselling process includes assessing your educational and career goals, helping you choose a suitable destination and institution, providing information on admission requirements, assisting with the application process, offering guidance on visa and immigration procedures, and addressing any concerns or questions you may have about studying abroad.

4. How can study abroad counselors help with selecting the right study destination and program?

Study abroad counselors can assess your academic interests, career objectives, budget, and personal preferences to recommend suitable study destinations and programs that align with your goals. They consider factors like the quality of education, cost of living, cultural experiences, and language requirements.

5. Is study abroad Counselling available for scholarships and financial aid options?

Yes, study abroad counselors can provide information on scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities available to international students. They can help you explore funding options and guide you through the application process.

6. What kind of support is provided for visa and immigration processes?

Study abroad counselors can assist with visa application procedures, explain visa requirements, provide guidance on gathering necessary documentation, and help you prepare for visa interviews if required.

7. How can study abroad Counselling services help with cultural adjustment and preparation for life abroad?

Study abroad counselors offer advice on cultural norms, customs, and etiquette in the host country. They provide tips for adapting to a new environment, managing homesickness, and making the most of the cultural experience.

8. Can study abroad Counselling services help with accommodation and travel arrangements?

Many study abroad counselors can offer recommendations and resources for finding suitable accommodations and planning travel logistics. They may also provide insights into local transportation and essential preparations.

9. When should I seek study abroad Counselling services?

It’s advisable to seek study abroad Counselling services well in advance of your intended departure date. The earlier you start, the better prepared you’ll be for the application and planning processes.

10. Are study abroad Counselling services confidential, and what are the associated costs?

Study abroad Counselling services typically adhere to strict confidentiality standards. Costs can vary depending on the counselor or Counselling agency. Some institutions or organizations offer free Counselling services to their students, while private Counselling agencies may charge fees for their expertise and support.

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