Aptitude Testing

Aptitude & Ability Test

Aptitude Testing is helpful to make an informed Career Decision to identify the right potential of a child and just the interest.

The Reason:

To make an informed Career Decision, it is essential to identify the right potential of a child and just the interest. The tests are scientific in nature and discover the conceptual clarity of a child. Honest attempts by the test-taker on these tests give an idea of the inherent persona. The assessments give you powerful insights into the type of field, work and profile that is right for you and facilitate the decision making process. It helps you reduce probability of being in the wrong career, and regret later.

The Process:

It begins with the initial interaction of knowing our clients better in their own words. This primary stage of interface is highly beneficial for providing an effective counselling session later.

The individual takes a series of tests depending upon the age and educational qualification which assesses the student’s potential through their Aptitude, Intelligence and Personality.

The pictorial objective paper-pencil tests do not require any preparation beforehand since they are not related to any academic subjects. It takes around 5-6 hours and to ensure that the test taker is relaxed and alert and takes all the tests sincerely; sufficient amount of breaks are given. Students from all backgrounds and even from regional languages can undergo the testing.

The Outcome:

The subsequent stage of profile interpretation by the qualified Counsellors to consider various possibilities that the student can take up as his/her future. The careers worked out purely based on the student’s performance on the test given that day. Based on this outline, a career chart is drawn out consistent with the requirements of the various careers of today.

Considering the uncertainty of admissions due to stiff competition, a back career plan or a second strong option is also recommended.


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