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Rj Career Counselling & Guidance in Mumbai

Many ask how to become a RJ and very few have the right answer. With the right RJ Career Counselling, you can achieve your career goal. Ms. Suchitra Surve is talking about Career as Radio Jockey.

Importance of RJ Career Counselling

Radio Jockeys impact the listeners with their voice and style of speaking. With technological advancements and lot of growing competition, RJ has to keep themselves updated and also multitask. They are expected to do script writing, programming, interviewing celebrities. They also have to entertain the listeners and handle the caller’s requests. To become a good Radio Jockey it’s not necessary just to talk but also to be a witty, knowledgeable and good conversationalist. To excel in your field, you require a good voice, spontaneity, creativity and language proficiency along with that knowledge of various languages will be an added advantage. It is a very sought after career and there is a lot of demand for the same.