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Team Building

The Power of Collaborative Working

“Most of the times emphasis on human relations and dealing effectively with subordinates are often overlooked in corporate culture. I’m glad to see that the workshop conducted by Growth Centre has revived these qualities in our Mumbai Team.” – Content Employer

Many a times, one such simple initiative taken by the organization/institution in view of the wellbeing of the whole team, brings about amazing outcome extensively. The domino effect of which can be experienced across the entire establishment.

Importance of Team Building

  • Anyone can then witness collaborative problem solving efforts taken, in harmony, by the members of a team with a common goal in view.
  • A better understanding and cooperation among the team members leads to a better working environment as a whole and thus automatically showing an enhanced productivity.
  • Organizational culture may have given birth to the concept of team building; but the amusing reality of today’s competitive world still exists, that it is an integral component of any social or professional settings. Be it at schools, colleges, official premises or just our neighborhood. Yet, it remains a skill that is often ignored in the development of a fine character.

Our workshops focusing on this subject brings out a comprehensive product; from realizing personal potentials to experiencing the spirit of collective participations, through interactive sessions. Our team building workshops have a wonderful quality of touching upon the basic social need of a human being. After the workshop, there are so many instances observed, where a member of a team is spotted reciprocating appreciation for a small help rendered to him/her by another member in one of the team building exercises, by helping out in work/ studies related task. This is mostly sprouted from a bonding established in one of the activities which then infiltrates to a development of sense of belonging within the team.

Team Building – The Power of Collaborative Working – Workshops and Exercises

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