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Career Decision Parameters

Career Decision ParametersUsually April – May are the months where the student life takes a break from regular academics, studies and prepares for vacation. This year the scenario is different. As much as the happiness that came along with the cancellation of exams, it also added to the anxiety and confusion of what next? The uncertainty about education, exams and jobs – makes it more and more important more than ever to plan a career properly. Here are some parameters that are generally considered while career decision – Marks, interest, scope of jobs, higher opportunities of growth in career, personality, time and money required. Having said this, there are still 2 most important aspect in decision making – aptitude and interest. Let’s look at how they affect the process.

Many who traditionally were dependent on marks scored in board exams as a parameter of career decision making, are now in a state of flux. They don’t know how to go about it, as the allotment of marks is still work in progress. But the performance on internal exams, assignments, projects will be definitely considered while working out the results. This has primarily added to the anxiety related to course and career choice. Though we always believed that marks are an indicator of performance, what we need to really focus is on the ability; the aptitude of the student. What are the skills s/he possesses that will enable a better career prospect.

Time and again we have seen that the marks obtained in the board exams are not the true reflection of the students’ potential. Hence, identifying the real aptitude is a must. One of the ways to find out is by the way of using scientific and professional aptitude assessment tools and undergoing proper counseling session with a professionally qualified counselor. Undergoing a professional guidance session, works in two ways – helps us to confirm the decision and if confused, to resolve the confusion. The discussion with the counselor helps us to know the backup plan and explore other options that were not considered so far.

The other parameter that has gained importance in the past few years is passion… interest of the student in a particular field. Many parents and students want to choose only what they are interested in, but that cannot be the only parameter of career choice, especially at such a young age, where we find that the interest changes almost on a weekly basis. Just knowing the students interest is not enough, as the demands of the course may require more conceptual clarity and understanding. Certainly, interest is essential to give the initial fueling, but to sustain in the long run; skills and aptitude take the lead. It is best to use objective analysis to really find what interests are there and how developed and deep rooted are they.

Discussion on various careers during a counseling session helps the student to gain more insights about the demands, challenges of the career, thus enabling decision making process. So, it’s a recommendation to students who are about to think and decide about their careers. You have some more time on hand to explore more about not only careers, but also about yourself to decide the right career path. All the best exploring!!