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Clinical Assessments

Eligibility Assessment + Written Assessment

Additionally, an important part of Growth Centre’s psychological services is also Clinical Assessments and Counselling; which helps in determining origin, nature and effects of behavioural and emotional dysfunction such as extreme temper tantrums, anger outbursts, anxiety, fears, phobia, violent behaviour, severe depression, dysfunctional habits etc. Mental health issues can be faced by people in various age groups.

Importance of Clinical Assessment

Clinical assessment and interventions are required to understand or rule-out the presence of mental disabilities and learning difficulties. Also, early diagnosis of emotional and social dysfunctional issues helps in enhanced prognosis. For example- Intelligence testing helps parents or teachers to develop appropriate educational strategies for a child. Early diagnosis of such difficulties is essential; because that will provide the child a better chance for improvement and hope for the future. The main purpose of intervention is to help clients to cope up with their specific problems in a more effective manner and to obtain healthy control of their own lives.