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GMAT Coaching Classes

Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT Coaching Classes – The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It is primarily a multiple-choice test. One of the most renowned standardized test in the world, a candidate must score a high percentile to seek admission. Joining GMAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai at our institute will help you unleash your potential. The GMAT is required for admission to most American, Canadian, European business schools for MBA programs. It is a standardized test that most MBA programs use to assess applicants. There are three main sections – Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical writing.

This test can be given year round with prior registration. Ensure there is availability of dates. Different schools have different GMAT score requirements. Securing a high score significantly improve admission prospects at a school.

Importance of GMAT Coaching Classes

Test format

The GMAT, lasting for 3 hours 30 mins, is a computer adaptive test where the questions vary from test to test, depending on the test-takers correct or incorrect answers.

The total GMAT scores range between 200 – 800. Verbal and Quantitative scores range from 0 to 60, Integrated Reasoning (IR) from 1 to 8 . Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is scaled from 0 to 6.

The Analytical Writing Assessment (1topic/30 mins) measures your ability to think critically. It measures your levels on how you analyze the reasoning behind a given argument. Candidates must write a critique of that argument. The Integrated Reasoning section (12 question/30 mins) evaluates your ability to analyse, evaluate information presented in multiple formats from multiple sources. The data can be presented in different forms such as words, charts, tables.

The Quantitative section (37 questions/ 75 mins) consists of two types of question: 1) data sufficiency 2) problem solving. It tests application of various basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry. The aim is to assess your ability to analyze data. Conclusions are drawn using these basic skills.

The Verbal section (41 questions/ 75 mins) measures your ability to read written material at the same time understand it too. Your abilities to evaluate arguments, correct written material to conform to standard written English is assessed. The Verbal and Quantitative sections have multiple choice questions.

Test fees and registration

The fee for taking the GMAT is US $250 approx. The registration can be done either online, by phone, mail, or fax. The registration must be completed at least a month in advance. While registration, a valid passport is required. You will get an unofficial score report immediately after your exam. This will contain your authentication code, which you will need to access your official scores online. You will receive an email with a URL to access your score report within 20 days of your exam. The score is sent to 5 universities by GMAC free of cost at the time of exam. GMAC charges US$ 28 per institute for sending additional scores later. The scores of the GMAT are valid for 5 years. This test can be attempted once every 31 days, up to 5 times in one calendar year.

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GMAT Coaching Classes