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Study Abroad Post Pandemic

Reimagining International Education: Study Abroad Post Pandemic Trends and Tips

Study Abroad Post PandemicAfter two years of the pandemic halt, we are now coming back to our routine, adapting to the ‘new normal’ and students are now free to travel to other countries following covid-19 regulations.

With the increasing demand for study abroad, we now have the option to select from, face-to-face lectures or choose hybrid programs to save money in the post pandemic scenario.

Face-to-face lectures also known as offline mode have been the regular mode of study but post-pandemic, options to select from have increased. In a lot of cases, parents were uncomfortable with their children moving abroad due to safety reasons.

So, the hybrid mode (online & offline) of study which was given earlier also as an option but was not first on students’ priority list before the pandemic, but post-pandemic students are keen towards hybrid mode as it would bring down the cost of education but without comprising the quality of education.

It is obvious with so many advancements students would have this one big and valid question in mind about how a virtual international experience could possibly deliver the same benefit as face-to-face learning. However, with technology, creative thinking, cultural interactions, and third-party companies investing in important resources it is possible.

Currently, with no pandemic travel warning for any country, there are a few important pointers you need to keep in mind before you travel to your favorite destination.

  1. Check your travel destination requirements for vaccinations as each country will have its own entry and exit requirements.
  2. Get full vaccinated and check if the vaccine is accepted by the country, you are traveling or you may have to present a negative Covid 19 test result.
  3. Carry your fully vaccinated certificate or negative RT-PCR report.

After discussing the study abroad covid-19 scenario, post-pandemic options, travel travel-related precautions, one question still stays unanswered is on what basis should we plan to study abroad post-pandemic. In our previous articles, we have discussed on how you should plan to study abroad but post pandemic a few things have changed.

  1. Research & Plan – List down the programmes that are apt for you and try to get maximum details about them, details which include – In which country is this programme taught best, which universities are known for this programme, how will it help me grow in the future and the list goes on. But more importantly going through the specifics of the programme you are interested in before planning anything. There are admission counsellors/academic advisors assigned to the programmes by the universities for guidance. Also, informative virtual sessions are organized by the universities to help students understand their system.
  2. Growth – Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the growth of our country, so while selecting the field of study, university and country we need to think of financial aspects as well. As studying abroad can be expensive we must take the cost of attendance & cost of living expenses into consideration before finalizing the university. University websites have a lot of information which helps us plan our expenses. The approx. cost of attendance and cost of living (stay, food, stationary, lab etc.) are given on the website through which we can get an estimate of our personal and educational expense.

How we choose to study post pandemic depends on how we plan and execute. We can get guidance from anywhere but the right one is only possible if we are thorough about what we want. So, research, plan & execute for the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions For Study Abroad Post Pandemic

1. Is it safe to study abroad now that the pandemic is gradually subsiding?

Safety considerations depend on the specific country and university you plan to study at. Many institutions have implemented health and safety measures to protect students. It’s crucial to stay informed about the COVID-19 situation in your chosen destination and follow the guidance of health authorities.

2. What should I consider when choosing a study abroad destination post-pandemic?

When selecting a destination, consider the country’s COVID-19 policies, healthcare infrastructure, vaccination rates, and entry requirements. Additionally, think about your personal comfort level with the destination’s health and safety measures.

3. Are there any changes in visa and travel requirements for international students?

Visa and travel requirements can vary by country and may have changed due to the pandemic. Be sure to check the latest regulations and requirements for your chosen destination and plan accordingly.

4. How has the pandemic affected the academic calendar for universities abroad?

The pandemic has disrupted academic calendars in some cases, leading to adjustments in start dates and course delivery modes. Check with your university or program to understand any changes in the academic schedule.

5. Are universities offering a mix of in-person and online classes post-pandemic?

Many universities now offer a hybrid approach, combining in-person and online classes to accommodate students’ needs and safety concerns. It’s important to clarify the mode of instruction with your institution.

6. What health and safety measures should I follow while studying abroad post-pandemic?

Follow the health and safety guidelines provided by your university and local authorities, which may include mask-wearing, social distancing, and regular COVID-19 testing. Stay updated on any changes in guidelines.

7. How can I access healthcare services while studying abroad during and after the pandemic?

Most universities provide healthcare options for international students. Familiarize yourself with the healthcare system in your host country and understand how to access medical care if needed.

8. Can I still participate in cultural and social activities while studying abroad post-pandemic?

Cultural and social activities have resumed in many places, but the extent to which they are available may vary. Stay informed about local restrictions and guidelines regarding gatherings and events.

9. How can I manage the financial aspects of studying abroad post-pandemic?

Budgeting and financial planning remain essential. Consider currency exchange rates, cost of living, and any potential changes in tuition fees. Explore scholarship and funding opportunities to help manage expenses.

10. Is it a good time to study abroad post-pandemic, or should I wait for more stability?

The decision to study abroad post-pandemic depends on your personal circumstances and comfort level. While there may still be some uncertainties, many students are successfully studying abroad with appropriate safety measures in place. Weigh the pros and cons and consult with your university or program for guidance.

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