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Save Money While Studying Abroad

Ms. Kunjal Sakhrani talks about how to save money while studying abroad. The main cost which will be involved is going to be the tuition fees. There is nothing much we can do to reduce the fees but students can maintain good academic records and can avail good scholarships. Also, remember that universities offer a small discount if the entire course fee is paid up front. So you can take advantage of that also.

Studying abroad – Part-Time Job

There are lots of Part-time jobs which can also help you take care of a few expenses, like food, travel or even some entertainment. The living costs can be reduced if you share your accommodation and also it will help you share your other expenses also like rent, gas, electricity and water bills. Remember that you can save a lot by cooking your own meals. The other major expense that you will have is your books. An easy way of saving money here is to buy books at second-hand stores or from your seniors. You can also utilize student discounts, especially on public transport to reduce your day-to-day expenditure.

Living alone abroad teaches you vital skills for managing your money and makes you financially responsible.