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Staying Alone Abroad

Ms. Kunjal Sakhrani has talked about how a student can manage staying alone abroad for studies.

Tips to follow while staying alone abroad

Do a thorough research on the country that you are going to the education system, local laws, customs, food habits, accommodation, health and public transport system.
Always keep the contact details of your relatives or friends and of the Embassy or High Commission. Always have an identification card with you.
Students should make a budget and manage their money well.
Have healthy eating habits.
It’s good to cook your own meal.
Keep the contact details of the nearest doctor or medical practice, hospital, and pharmacy with you.
Living alone also means that you have to now take care of your room/house, clothes, and laundry. Lock up your house whenever you go out.

Tips to follow while studying alone abroad

Keep yourself aware of whatever is happening around you. Be informed about current affairs and college/campus events.
If you are going to a non-English speaking country, make an effort to learn the local language. Even if your course is being taught in English it is helpful to learn the basics and have a working knowledge of the language
Prevent loneliness and homesickness by staying busy with studies, making new friends, by taking a short trip and trying out various activities.
Remember that not only are you missing your family, they are missing you too, so be in touch with them.