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MS or MBA After Graduation

Ms. Suchitra Surve in this episode discusses and clarifies major confusion whether to do MS or MBA after graduation especially if you are an engineering student. MBA involves jobs related to managerial functions and have various specializations like HR, Marketing, Finance, international business, corporate, strategy, international marketing, general management, systems, and production.

Advantages of doing MBA abroad are better prospects; global exposure, international exposure and it include skills that are required across sectors. On the other hand, MS requires scientific bend of mind and research orientation. While doing MS abroad, one has many super specializations, it is an extension of previous academics and there are various specializations and major one can choose while doing MS. For pursuing MBA abroad, one needs to have minimum two years of work experience after graduation. In the US, one needs to have completed 16 years of education and two years of work experience whereas MS can be done immediately after graduation and one need mandatorily have work experience.

MS or MBA Eligibility Criteria

Along with the eligibility criteria, one needs to consider the affordability, scholarships, quality of work life, facilities available in the universities and duration of the course.