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Choose Right University for Studying Abroad

Ms. Kunjal Sakhrani has spoken about how to choose the right University abroad. She has mentioned about what are the types of Universities abroad. There are public Universities and private universities. The fees for these universities varies, the education system can be different. She has also discussed various factors for selecting the right one.

Points to consider while making University Choice

Important things to be considered will be the ranking of the Universities, the score and academic requirement by the University for Particular Course, the location, the budget required to study and so on. She has also explained about some more factors like scholarships, accommodation options, and part time jobs, on and off campus facilities.

She has also spoken about the major confusion that students face should they choose the popular or less popular university. The right way is to choose  that offers the course of your choice and is recognised. She also speaks about how flexible US universities are in terms of allowing students to taking more majors and transferring to other universities.