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Cost Involved in Studying Overseas

Ms. Kunjal Sakhrani has spoken about the costs involved in studying overseas. Expenses involved in studying overseas can be broadly divided into 4 categories: Cost of application, Tuition fees, Living expenses, other costs (including insurance, visa fee, air ticket, etc). The cost of the application, which also includes the standardized test fees and the university application fees. Next is the university application fee, which will vary between universities. International application fees may be anywhere between the US$50 to US$200.

Cost while Studying Overseas

In some countries, an application fee is not charged. The second major expense is the actual tuition fees of the university that you will be studying in. Tuition costs will vary between countries, public and private universities. The third kind of expense that you have to consider is the living expense. Approximate living costs can range between 5 to 7 lakh rupees annually. This will include accommodation, travel, food and study material/text books. Expenses for entertainment, clothes, laptops, etc should be calculated separately.

Remember that costs will vary between countries, the area of residence and also individuals. There are a lot of additional expenses like the visa application charges, air tickets, medical insurance, etc. We recommend students to check all the details thoroughly before starting the process for studying abroad.