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Q & A Aptitude Test

Ms. Swati Salunkhe and Ms. Suchitra Surve are addressing the queries mailed to us by viewers. They have answered queries like – why counselors are needed? If somebody does not want to follow the counselor’s recommendation – then what should be done? The next query they are considering is what is more important the child’s aptitude or interest. Taking an Aptitude Test is important to determine your abilities and make future decisions based on it. Growth Centre provides education counseling.

Need for Aptitude Test

There is a need for the counselor to get professional unbiased opinion and most updated career information for better career decisions. Counselors give the recommendation based on profile and also various pros and cons are given; hence a decision can be taken objectively. Always do the research well on the careers you are planning to do try and speak to professionals to get more insight about the career. These factors will help you to choose the right career. Priority should be given to Aptitude especially for academic oriented courses. But that is not the only one aspect to be considered for decision making. One should consider even the aptitude, interest, hard work, personality before plunging in to a career.