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Importance of Aptitude Testing

Importance of Aptitude Testing – In this episode, Ms. Suchitra Surve is addressing a few questions asked by our viewers regarding the aptitude test and the importance it plays in career planning.

What should we give more importance to Aptitude or interest?

Interest keeps on varying from age to age. At times if interest is not backed up with aptitude or skills then it might land you in trouble, which means you will have to keep patience and perseverance to pursue the career.

Aptitude is something that you are naturally good at, something that comes to you easily. So, if you want to pursue a career wherein you will be able to make sense and reach the height of success at least and with ease then aptitude should be the focus. There are many cases were students in spite of not having an interest and just focusing on their aptitude have selected their career and they are doing well as at times interest can be developed but developing aptitude will be difficult. It will require a lot of patience and perseverance. If you have that patience and perseverance the interest can be considered. It is recommended to focus on aptitude and then coupling it with your interest will make a lot of sense and will help you go a long way in a career.

My child enjoys dismantling things which stream of engineering should he choose?

We need to understand that engineers create and do not destroy or dismantle anything. Just because someone likes to play with toys it doesn’t make him or her directly eligible for a course in engineering. One needs to find out how strong his concepts in physics and mathematics are and if you feel he/she has a strong understanding of the same then pursuing the field of engineering would be the right option. It is always recommended to take the assessment, because you are going to choose the stream and start a career through a course. Just liking the subject does not prepare the child to face the demands of the stream. It is of utmost important to check the abilities by undergoing aptitude tests to face today’s competitive world and also to know the other career options.

My child is not interested in academics what are the career options available?

There are many options available in the field of sports, creative arts, performing arts or having entrepreneur venture. But what skills does your child have? Not having an interest in academics is one part. But what are his/her skills and interest is something that we need to identify and accordingly plan the next course of action. It is recommended to seek professional help and then take a wise decision.