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Q & A Arts

Ms Mugdha and Ms Nidhi are answering queries related to arts stream. The first query is whether math is compulsory in the stream during 11th & 12th std? Maths is not compulsory in this field but it is important to have the knowledge of maths to help understand subjects like economics, statistics and psychology.

The second query is Math subject offered in Arts field in 11th & 12th Std. Yes, Maths is one of the subject options that is offered by few colleges in India.

The third query is how is studying in the stream useful for competitive exams. The competitive exam is subjective and focuses on theory. In this stream, one has options to study various subjects like history, geography, psychology which are very subjective.

Opportunities in the Arts stream

With the field, one has an opportunity to prepare well for the competitive exams. The fourth query is the arts stream very difficult to score marks. It is very theory oriented and you need to have analytical, writing and reading skills to score well.