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IQ, Aptitude Interest – What Is More Important?

IQ, Aptitude Interest – What Is More Important? – In this episode, Ms. Swati Salunkhe shares her experience of 18 years. Many people have discussed on various topics. Many people are talking about following passion or interest or intelligence or personality. This is a question which would be bothering you all. As a counsellor, it is suggested that none of them can be taken in isolation. Having passion and not having an aptitude for the same may put more years of studies and work. A lot of parents want their children to follow what they like to do or their passion lies or whatever is his/her interest.

We are living in an age were in there are multiple interests and there are people who are still unclear about their own interest. Passion requires a lot of patience. You need to have the right kind of skill sets and attitude to know what exactly is your passion. Interest fades away with time and with experience, it may changes. Very few people have the same interest. It need not be the same for everyone. People may have interest and no aptitude might have an aptitude but no interest. You need to have great synchrony or culmination of all this and yes we need to consider personality, as well as your IQ as certain careers, require high IQ levels were as for certain careers you personality demands certain traits which need to be present. So it has to be interest, aptitude, intelligence, and personality.

When the war between interest and aptitude starts definitely aptitude is to be given more of a weightage. The advantages are different. You need to know what exactly your interest is as it might be just a cursory thing as many are just curious to know. But it may not be your ability or you may not enjoy it forever. If something really interests you it can be your hobby too. Few people have been able to convert their interest or hobbies into careers. If you have decided to follow your interest only, then be prepared to go through the challenges and convert those challenges into opportunities. For better career choices ensure that your IQ aptitude and personality are in sync with each other and of course then a little bit of interest is also fine.

Parents find it very difficult to break their child’s heart and teenagers find it quite revolting or it does not make any sense to them and they might have decided for themselves. Everybody would be right in their places but it may turn out to be your wrong decision which you may get to know later on. So it’s important o come to practical realities. Yes, there are people who have followed their interest and made their own mark in their careers. But it is important to look through their journeys too. Just remember that interest fades or changes, personality gets molded, IQ and Aptitude are something which we all are born with.