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Guide for Studying Abroad

Many students want to Study Abroad and yet there are still some misconceptions in the minds of parents and students. In this episode, Suchitra Surve speaks about the basics of going abroad to abroad. Students seeking education abroad consulting Mumbai can approach Growth Centre for professional guidance.

Typically, students go abroad for undergraduate and post graduate courses. USA has always been a preferred destination along with UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore. Europe, Hong Kong, China and Russia are some of the emerging destinations. Students choose to study abroad for better international exposure, courses, infrastructure, research facilities and making international friends

The popular courses which students opt for are Engineering, Computer Science, Business Management and Research courses. Courses like Physiotherapy, Sports therapy, Occupational therapy, Medical research, Biotechnology and Management are also chosen by students. One needs to understand and research the pathways, opportunities and placements and then choose the course, country, university, and prepare for the required entrance exam and accordingly start the application process.