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Myths About Studying Abroad

Myths About Studying Abroad – There are many misconceptions about studying abroad that discourage students. They mistakenly believe that living and studying abroad is a luxury that they cannot afford. This episode busts a few myths about studying abroad. People think studying abroad is expensive. The cost varies depending on the type of the program/degree, the location, the length of stay and the university ranking. Funding options like scholarships & grants and working part-time can help reduce costs. It is also a myth that universities do not accept foreign students easily. It is important to apply to universities according to your profile. Most students who meet the minimum qualifications and complete the application process on time are accepted into universities. Many people also think that it is necessary to speak a second language, but it is not compulsory unless the course demands it or if you are studying abroad in a non-English speaking country. Foreign countries are unsafe for women are another myth, but it is important to be aware, understand the area you are staying in and also know the laws of the host country. Many people also feel that it is difficult to get a job that gives adequate returns on investment. But companies are always keen on recruiting people who are competent, hard-working, can adjust and do well in multi-cultural environments.