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Change in Stream

In this episode Suchitra Surve talks about the most common concern for the students, that is changing the stream. Many sail through the 11th and 12th standard thinking that they have an option to change the stream after class 12th and due to the flexibility in the education system it is quite possible for the students to do so. If the career goals cannot be met through that course or difficulty in understanding or not having the aptitude or not getting the desired college or it is the trend are the reasons for the change then changing the stream would be a bad idea. Change the stream only if it is in line with ones goal, dream and aptitude or it is the only way to reach your career goal. After the change there might be a possibility that one is not able to understand the subjects. But one needs to put in sufficient hard work to understand the subjects as class 11th and 12th gives the foundation for the subjects in that stream. If one wants to pursue career in science then it is recommended not to shift as the fields in science require in depth understanding of the subjects and research oriented subjects will require degree in science. While applying for a job the companies looks at various aspects like academics, skills, critical thinking, and decision making ability. Bachelor’s degree is one way to prove ones understanding of the basics in the subjects one is applying for. It will not affect while applying for a job as the course has given the foundation or the basics to start your career in that field. Coping ability is personalized and differs from individual to individual. If one has decided to get into the field chosen then one needs to be ready to work hard. And put in more number of hours.