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How to Set a Goal

Most of us want to do something different but most of us are unclear of our interest or Goal. Goal is our dream to achieve something as per our liking and abilities. Goals can be for Career, Studies, Finance, or may be health related. There are basically two types of Goals- Short term and Long term. Long-term Goals can be related to Career or targets that one wants to achieve. It can be for five or ten years down the line where we see ourselves. Short term goals are that we probably plan to achieve our Long term goals.

Points To Consider For Future Goal

Goals need to be divided in Short term and long term goals so that we reach the destination easily. But due to certain blocks like Lack of Motivation, Lack of Interest, Lack of Time Management, Fear of Failure, Insecurities or Distraction may affect our long-term goals. Reasons may vary from person to person. To overcome these blocks and achieve the goals the most important thing is to have specific goal. Plan steps to achieve it, organize yourself, see to it that your goals are measurable.

Measure your own performance and identify the blocks and take conscious efforts to work upon them. Ensure that you have set deadlines. Along with these other things that one needs to keep in mind while achieving the goal is to be motivated and energetic. Make smarter short term goals and accept the risk and challenges. Put in the best efforts. Also let others know your goals as they can remind you about your goals. Reward on achieving the goals and keep redefining your goals.