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Options After Getting Less Marks

Ms. Mugdha and Ms. Chandani are discussing Options After Getting Less Marks. The first concern they are discussing is if a student gets fewer marks they end up taking extreme steps and feel there are no choices available for them. Students can look for options in the related fields or look for alternative options for their career. They are discussing ways or options that students can follow if they get less mark. They should keep calm, think about the paper where they have scored less and they have an option to give the paper for a recheck. Generally, it’s seen that parents also get worried in such situations. Parents also feel there will be no future for their kids as they have secured fewer marks but parents you should stay calm and look for better alternative. Parents should be supportive in such situations and talk to their child about other choices they have. Parents can also take help of professional counselors to understand what can be done in such circumstances. Less marks is not the end of the world there are lots of choices so keep alternative plan for your future.