Liberal Arts

What is Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts include not only humanities but commerce and science subjects as well. Liberal Arts is a system of education which combines various streams and gives the opportunity to study various combinations of humanities, sciences, mathematics, statistics, natural sciences, etc. together. One can choose Major and Minor subjects be it from Humanities, Science or Commerce.

When Can I Enroll for Liberal Arts?




B.A Liberal Arts

10 + 2

3-4 Years

B.Sc. Liberal Arts

M.A. Liberal Studies

The Eligibility criteria is as per the Universities offering Masters Program

2-3 Years

Subjects Offered:

  • Humanities – English Literature, Modern Languages, History, and Philosophy.
  • Social Sciences – Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, and Sociology.
  • Creative Arts –Music, Fine Art, Theatre, Speech, and Creative Writing.
  • Sciences – Biology, Computer Science, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Mathematics and Physics.

What Personality Traits Are Required to Study Liberal Arts?

Personality traits would vary according to major subjects that one takes but some common personality traits are as follows:
  • Good communication skills
  • Pleasant personality
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving

What Aptitude Is Required to Study Liberal Arts?

  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Space Relation

IQ Required to Study Liberal Arts?

Minimum Above Average Range of Intelligence Preferred.

Job Prospects in Liberal Arts Career

  • Media
  • Politics
  • Archeology
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Public Relations
  • Designing
  • Education