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Q & A Need for a Professional

Ms. Swati Salunkhe and Ms. Suchitra Surve are addressing the queries asked by our viewers. The first query they are discussing is whether it is better to take an aptitude test in class 9th or 10th? They suggest students can take the test either after class 9th is done or in the beginning of 10th standard so they have sufficient time to research and decide the right streams for further studies. The next question is there a way of knowing child’s skill or aptitude without taking an aptitude test? It is better that student’s take an aptitude test to get a scientific result to understand their skill and abilities which will be helpful for their future. Next query is a student from third year engineering says that his seniors are going abroad and he also wishes to go abroad for further studies.

He wants to know if there is a need to consult an education-abroad counsellor?

The education abroad application is very challenging, time-consuming and everything has to be perfect as per the universities requirements. So considering the deadline and the time required it is always better to seek professional help so you get the updated information and right guidance for applications abroad.