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Career as a Fitness Trainer (Zumba)

Ms. Padmaja speaks about Career as a Zumba Fitness Trainer. She tells about how to become a Fitness Trainer. Padmaja started this career a few years back. She earlier had a career as an executive producer in the Marathi industry. She started developing an interest in the fitness field; she started learning dance and power yoga. She started the journey as a student and gradually she got very keen and made a career in the same field. She did courses for becoming a trainer for power yoga. Since there was a lot of demand for Zumba she thought to explore the Zumba field. Padmaja took training to be a Zumba trainer and now today she is a successful Zumba trainer. To become a Zumba trainer there is no specific educational qualification required it’s only the passion for dance and music one can have a good career in the Zumba field. There are various types of Zumba and certain certifications and license to be achieved to become a Zumba trainer. Zumba is a very interesting Career in today’s time.