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Myths & Facts About Career as Air Hostess

Ms. Mugdha and Ms.Chandani are discussing myths and facts as Air Hostess. The first myth is one needs to be slim and good looking for getting into an air-hostess career. One needs to have a pleasant personality, good communication skills, manners, and etiquette. There will be specific physical eligibility for each airline. The second myth is this profession is only about serving people in the air. Also have to manage difficult passengers, dealing with emergencies and also help to take care of the on board children. The third myth is that you get to travel all over the world. It is not necessary you get to travel all over the world. The travel will depend on the airlines. They have a very erratic schedule, they have to balance their personal and professional life. The fourth myth is they start and end their career as an air hostess.

Air Hostess Career Opportunities

They start the career as Cabin Crew and then later have options to work in management positions, air hostess trainers, as ground staff, grooming and etiquette trainers. It’s not necessary to just be good looking or slim for this career there are many other aspects as well to excel as an air hostess.