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Nutrition and Dietician

What is Nutrition and Dietician?

A dietician provides guidance on the development of healthy eating habits. The work comprises of modifying eating patterns of overweight people, listing the nutritional supplements to include in the diet and drawing up a personalized food plan to ensure that individual dietary requirements are met. It is also to study effects such as metabolism and long-term physical results of a variety of food items. Nutritionists and dieticians are professionals, equipped with the knowledge of chemistry and nutritional value of foods and their preparation. They are the experts who develop new uses of food, advise patients in a clinic regarding their diet, serve as consultants to public health teams, supervise the serving of food in industrial cafeterias or hospitals, assist individuals or groups in dietary education and teach nursing schools, colleges and universities.

Area of Specialisations

  • Clinical Dietetics
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Community Nutrition
  • Food Technology
  • Sports Science and Nutritionist

When can I Enroll for Career in Nutrition and Dietician?




B.Sc. Home Science (Food & Nutrition)

10+2 with PCB

3 years

M. Sc. in Home Science (Food & Nutrition)/

M. Sc. in Food Technology/

M. Sc. in Food & Nutrition/

M. Sc. in Applied Nutrition/

M. Sc. in Food Science & Nutrition/

M.Sc. Nutrition & Health Communication/

M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

B.Sc.- Foods & Nutrition/Food Science & Nutrition/Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics/Nutrition & Dietetics/Public Health & Nutrition /Applied Nutrition/ Biochemistry/Biotechnology/ Physiology/Zoology/Molecular Biology/Clinical & Laboratory Sciences.

Graduate [any stream]

2 years

Diploma In Dietary Science/Nutrition/ Dietetics/Food & Nutrition/Nutrition & Dietetics

B.Sc. in Home science

2-3 year

Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition.

B.Sc. in Home Science

1 year

What Personality Traits are Required to Become a Nutritions and Dietician?

  • Interest in food/ food preparation
  • Good communication skills to interact with people, individually and in groups.
  • Writing skills to produce reports, documentation, leaflets
  • Good research skills
  • Figure out new ways to solve a problem.
  • Patience and a genuine concern for fellow beings
  • Planning, administrative skills and organisational ability

What Aptitudes Are Required for Nutritionist and Dietician

  • High Abstract Reasoning
  • Above Average Verbal Ability
  • Above Average Numerical Ability

IQ Required for Being a Nutritionist and Dietatics?

Above Average intelligence level is required

Job Prospects for Nutritionist and Dietatics

  • Hospitals / Health Care Centers./ Private Clinics
  • Gymnasiums / Public Heath Departments
  • Cafeteria / Industrial Or Institutional Canteens
  • Armed Forces /Sports Centre
  • Research Centre (Community Or Lab Research)
  • Government Offices/International Organizations
  • The Media And Communication Agencies
  • NGO’s
  • Teaching And Counselling
  • Self-Employment
  • Star Hotels
  • Research Labs Of Food Manufacturers

Regulatory Body

Indian Dietetics Association (IDA)