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Beauty & Wellness

In this episode, Mugdha Shetye talks about the field of beauty and wellness. Hair-styling, Acne, Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Threading are some of the familiar names and if you are interested in these areas then you can consider Beauty and Wellness as a Career. A person who works in this industry is generally called as beauticians.

The job of the beautician is to make others look beautiful and attractive. There is no dearth of beauty conscious people in Indian cities and towns today. Thus, people visit beauty parlor or salons in order to maintain and improve their appearance. Areas of specialization include skin care, Hair-care, and beauty consultancy. As the word counseling is popular nowadays people are consulting to how to maintain, look or appear good.

To enter this profession there are no Bachelor’s or Master’s Courses. It is essential to gain hands-on experience under trained professionals. But there are definitely some private or autonomous institutes offering certificate, diploma or advanced diploma courses in beauty and hair care. Certain traits that you to possess are pleasing personality, humble, gentle, sensitive, good communication skills, understand client’s requirement and give the best service to the client’s requirements. Also, you need to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and be presentable.

You also need to have fine hand motor c-ordination as a lot of precision is required while doing makeup and hair-styling. You can apply or work in entertainment and media industry as a hair stylist, cosmetology instructor or image consultant or practice on your own or get into counseling and consulting or you can also work in spa and salons. Beauty care industry traditionally used to be run by women but the acceptance has grown for it and can be a venture for men to enter.