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Psychology Myths & Facts

Ms. Mugdha and Ms. Nidhi are talking about Myths and Facts related to psychology. Psychology is the study of Human Behavior and mind.

Psychology Myths Busted

The first myth is Psychologist can read minds.
Psychologists do not read mind they understand the personality, emotions. Psychologist uses psychometric tests, counseling sessions to help clients.

The second myth is psychologists are doctors.
Psychologists are not doctors they do not prescribe medicines. They make use of tools like psychometric assessments, counseling sessions and various therapies to solve the client issues.

The third myth is after completing bachelor’s degree in this subject they can become the therapist. To become a therapist, one may need relevant qualification and certification. They also need to have practical experience by doing certain internships.

The fourth myth is that being a psychologist means to work in asylums only.
Studying in this field gives you a broad range of skills that span both science and the arts, and opens up opportunities with a wide variety of fields like school, college, corporate and many such avenues. One needs to take science if you want to pursue the subject.

Psychology in India

In India, this subject is offered in Arts as well as Science stream depending upon the Universities there are some universities which offer B.Sc/ M.Sc and/or B.A/ M.A in Psychology depending where and which universities you are studying the stream would be determined. The field has a good career scope provided human behavior intrigues you.