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Architecture Myths and Facts

Ms. Mugdha and Ms. Chandani are discussing Architecture as a career and certain myths and facts associated with it.

Architecture FAQs

  • The first query is whether drawing skills are necessary to become an architect?
    Drawing skills are required as it is an important part of the curriculum.
  • The next query is that this field is not suitable for girls?
    It is a challenging job and one has to get the work done from various people. So especially if it is a girl she needs to be mentally and physically strong to handle this profession.
  • The next point of discussion is whether knowledge of Feng shui or Vastu Shastra is needed?
    It will be extremely helpful to have the knowledge of Feng shui or Vastu Shastra to excel in this profession. For success in this profession, one needs to have a creative mind, strong mathematical and analytical abilities to shoulder the responsibilities of the job.