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Mental Health at Work Place

Ms.Chandani Kapoor is talking about mental health issues. The age-old adage “health is wealth” has unfortunately been limited to physical health, for too long but nowadays we see people have lots of issues. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 57 million Indians suffer from this issues. Unfortunately, as a community, we are doing very less to deal these issues.

Importance of Mental Health at Work

Increasing demands in the workplace, coupled with a competitive work environment and the overarching stigma attached to it, mean that employees do not seek help, afraid of implications for their jobs and careers. Mental health impacts productivity in numerous ways: reduced motivation and the ability to manage stress and anxiety, insomnia, increased use of alcohol and drugs, psychosomatic complaints and outright absenteeism. Mental ailments are on the rise in India and yet there’s a tendency not to come out in the open for treatment. Some ways to manage/help: Keeping physically fit, Be socially connected, Be active – physically and mentally, Be positive in thinking, Learn stress management – deep breathing, playing, painting music etc. Seek help early when there is a mental health problem.