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Parenting – Social Skills – Part 2

ParentingSocial Skills – Part 2 – In this episode, Ms. Swati Salunkhe continues exploring how parents can cater to social skills among their children. With listening, sharing and following instructions, one should be very cooperative. Co-operation should start from home, be it with parents, grandparents, siblings or anyone near and around you. In today’s time, children find it very difficult to co-operate with anyone. Parents need to instruct them or they themselves should do it, as it helps the children to inculcate these habits in them. Family needs to work as a team so that children learn to do their work on their own from an early stage.

Communication is another positive important social aspect, which goes a long way in building up a child’s future. As a parent, if you observe any unruly behavior in your child, make sure you rectify it in an appropriate manner as it may end up taking a different shape altogether. Positive communication is important from both sides, from parent to child and child to parent and can be done in various ways. For example, Appreciation, Telling it assertively, make eye contact.

One needs to understand, Friends on Facebook or on any other social media are virtual but it has to be in the real world and it can be developed by simple things like greeting someone with a smile, hello, good morning, good afternoon, sorry, thank you, etc can make a difference in your life long way. Social skills are an important aspect along with academic success and people miss social skills these days. Understand charity begins at home and we as parents need to understand and take a step in developing our social skills at home.