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Parents as Partners in Career Planning

Ms. Swati Salunkhe, in this episode is talking about the most important issue – regarding Parents concerns about their child’s career. It’s seen that for most of the Parents wonder what can they do as Parents for their children. She emphasises on the fact that Parents can be their child’s career partners and help them make their career decisions. Parents want to see their children happy and are also concerned about the right career decision.

Guidance For The Right Career Decisions

Her discussions about the various factors that affect career choices like percentage, locations, new trends, parental expectations, peer pressure must be heard. She encourages parents to become Career Literate in order to facilitate the career decision. Her recommendation that along with academic performance the child also develops the required skill sets is vital to follow. Make children articipate in the extra curricular activities. She also says that parents should not be pushy or nag or criticise their children.