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Mid Life Career Crisis

In this episode, Ms. Suchitra Surve talks about Career change that is typically termed as mid life career crisis. Generally one has spent five or ten or fifteen years in the same industry or profile and feel that they have given it all and there is nothing more to add on as a value or gain anything from the current profile. At times it is just not the profile, organization or industry that are the reasons for the career change. It is a combination of all, along with the skills, being updated, and learning new technologies. There is a lot of requirement of rescaling, up scaling and cross scaling. If one is not able to cope up with these changes and get frustrated the first step is to identify the reasons for the boredom. The rut is all about changing the field that I am good and is changing the field well enough. But one need to figure out is one good enough for the change that you want to bring. Just don’t randomly change the field. Understand the cause for change. It might be the industry, profile or something one is really good at but is not able to use those skills in the current profile. One needs to identify the skills required, technology and education required to get into the field. Understand the pros and cons and also is one ready to give up the comfort zone and security especially the financial security. If yes, then one might take the risk. Changing a career should be a personal choice but for many it is group or family decision. While making the decision think about the industry, responsibilities, career path, skills and also to be ready to unlearn, relearn and learn again as that’s the mantra that will help you in keep going. Consequences may be good or bad but a lot will depend on the hard work, efforts and readiness to walk the path that you have chosen.