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Career in Social Work

Career in Social Work – Ms. Nidhi Mishra talks about the field Social Work. A lot of people visualize of a person wearing a simple cotton clothes and fighting for the rights of people or it is the work done by rich people in their spare time. Though, some what it is the truth but not the entire truth.

Social work is an academic discipline of social sciences where the main focus is to improve the social structure of the society. Social work is a profession that serves individuals, families and communities who seek prevention and rehabilitation intervention for an improved quality of life.
Social workers work with or on behalf of or interest of people to enable them to deal with the personal and social difficulties and obtain essential resources and services. Social workers work in varied fields such as disability, drug abuse, poverty, mental ill health, geriatric issues, environmental issues, child abuse, physical abuse, child labour, martial issues, sanitation and many more. These issues are rising constantly and social work has become a vital need of every society. Social work is not only, about doing good deeds and helping the under privileged. Over a period of time, it has evolved into a profession.

To enter this field one can pursue their graduation in social work or sociology after class 12th from any stream or one can pursue post graduation course in social work after completing any graduation. To seek admission for this course you may have to clear institute-based entrance exam. Some of the specializations those are available at the post-graduation level are Children and families, disability studies and actions, Women centered practice, Criminology and Justice, Rural Development and so on.

Along with the required education qualifications one also need to have certain skills sets like: problem solving skills, patience and tolerance, excellent conversations skills, interpersonal skills, awareness of the legal aspects, organizational and observation skills and most important is no prejudices about class, culture, religion and gender.

Job prospects are available in NGO’s, Community groups, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, Educational institutes, rural and community development centers service organizations, industries and co-operatives and public welfare trusts and so on. Opportunities are available in corporate sector too as number of organizations now have a special cell called Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) as well as opportunities are available at international organizations. Social work is a field that enriches the life of not only the taker but also of the giver. If you have genuine feeling to contribute positively to the wellness of mankind then this is the field for you.